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Seacret Spa Gdańsk

The highest class approach to the customer, care, hospitality, friendly atmosphere, love of professions make the Seacret Spa Gdańsk salon a place that constantly extends the range of services provided. Seacret Spa Gdańsk is created by a well-coordinated and qualified team of women who beautify other women. Each of us has completed courses at the highest level and schools needed to perform particular treatments. The obtained skills allow us to bring joy to each of our client that comes out satisfied and pleased with the results of our work, in which we put the whole heart – because our work is mainly our passion.

We work on the highest class cosmetics which consist only natural minerals from the dead sea, such as:
– sea salt,
– mud from the Dead Sea,
– meteor dust.

Thanks to this composition of cosmetics, we can also relieve the symptoms of skin diseases such as skin allergies, eczema, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis. They also have an amazing effect reducing discoloration, redness and dilated blood vessels.

Nail styling

If you dream of beautiful, well-groomed and durable nails while you do not have time to take care of them, give yourself into the professional hands of our stylists and enjoy the beautiful, pampered hands, which are the business card of every person.

Nail styling services that we offer in our salon will help you fight against the unsightly, broken nails and rebuild the natural nail plate. We guarantee that the nails made in our salon will be performed esthetically and carefully, regardless of whether it will be a hybrid or a classic manicure, delicate classic extension or maybe a colorful and extravagant one.

Don’t worry, our stylists put their whole heart into making sure that you come out satisfied with the services provided by us. Nail styling in our salon is not only a service performed at the highest level, it is a passion and an endless way to self-fulfillment. Thanks to the individual approach to each client you can enjoy a beautiful and perfectly matched nail styling.

For the styling of nails we offer free hand treatment – peeling with the salt from the Dead Sea, which makes your hands become more delicate. All the tools on which we work are sterilized. The guarantee of stylization safety is the opening of sterilely secured packages with pliers and phrases in front of the customer. Each of the women receives a single file, a polishing block and a wooden stick from us.

Our offer include:
– Classic manicure (with or without colouring)
– Hybrid manicure
– Nail extension with acrylic nail on the form
– Hand peeling
– Classic pedicure (with or without colouring) and with feet treatment (exfoliation of dead skin)
– Hybrid pedicure
– Removal of old nail design

Lash stylist

You want to get lash extensions, but you’re worried about the final effect? You think it’s taking too long and the procedure will weaken you own eyelashes? Nothing further from the truth. In our beauty studio we take care of you eye-lashes professionally. Each customer is being consulted and approached individually.
We distinguish several different methods in the market.

1:1 method

It’s a delicate thickening of you own eyelashes. In this case we attach single artificial lash to the natural one, which makes your eye more distinct.

2:1/ 3:1 method

This method is about stickering a fantail of 2 or 3 artificial eyelashes. Single fantail is being attached to single natural lash, which brings the medium volume effect. It makes your eyelashes thicker and also keep it very light.
The whole procedure is about 1,5 – 2,5 hours depending on how thick you want your eyelashes to be and how thick your natural ones are. During this procedure you’re laying down with your eyes closed. The extensions last for 4-6 weeks and they are falling out with your natural eyelashes (which is a natural process, not a stylist’s mistake). In order to keep the effect, it’s recommended to repeat the procedure after 3-4 weeks.

Post-application care

Within 2 days after each procedure contact with water should be limited. Regarding the eye care it is the best to exclude all the products that contain oil or fat. It is essential to clean the eyelashes with special shampoos or other dedicated products. We put on one pump on our finger and we wash the eyelashes carefully moving in the direction of eyelash’s growth. After we are done we sprinkle the lashes with water and use the comb.

It’s common that customers are afraid to weaken their natural eyelashes. However if the thickness, length and method is chosen correctly, the eyelashes won’t be destroyed.

Face procedures + eyebrow stylist


In our beauty studio all the face procedures are performed using only natural products with great natural ingredients.

We perform procedures like:

– face purifying – enrichening and moisturizing (young skin).
Daily skincare of the face requires precise purifying, toning and moisturizing. Unfortunately, in the hurry of everyday life we do not pay attention to this type of daily rituals. Therefore we want to help you to take care of your skin. We will individually select the right products for your type of skin and we will minimize any skin imperfection that you are dealing with.

– Purifying, enrichening, moisturizing + sonopheresis (AGE DEFYING)
Treatment for all types of mature skin. It is a treatment that will precisely take care of your skin by proper cleansing and moisturizing it. Thanks to additional sonophoresis the effect can be seen almost immediately. The lights and heating of the skin allow products to absorb into the deepest subcutaneous layer of the skin.

– Face massage
It is a great form of relaxation for the busy and tired customers. It affects the sensory receptors of the skin. Face massage improves blood circulation of the skin, guarantees its oxygenation and nourishment. Regularly performed massage contributes to the intensification of collagen and elastin synthesis. In combination with appropriate cosmetics, it can work miracles.

– Henna eyebrows styling
The eyebrows shaping and henna is very popular in our salon. Well-chosen shape and color of eyebrows guarantees emphasizing your beauty. You can enjoy the result for a longer time without having to spend the mornings in front of the mirror.

Honey massage

Revitalizes, oxygenates and moisturizes your skin. It helps with blood pressure and acts as a natural peeling. It is also used to detoxify your body. Honey and its properties help to deal with cellulite, aid slimming and also boosts your immune system. After the massage your skin is silky smooth, flexible and moisturized.

How does it work?

In the first stage we pour the honey all over your body and masseur spreads it around with gentle movements. Honey slowly congeals and masseur is gently slapping your skin which raises it up. In the next stage you skin is modelled using a bit stronger movement that firms your skin as well. Afterward we add a bit more honey and continue to gently massage your skin. At the end your body is being covered with plastic foil and a blanket, so it could absorb the honey even better. Then you take a shower with warm water without using any saop. That way we remove the sticky slime and we leave all the best ingredients on your skin.
For this procedure we use flower honey, that is neutral for the allergies.

Duration: ca. 50 minutes
Price: 140 PLN for one, 500 PLN for 4 massages


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